Issue #83

In this issue – Jason Silva talks about transhumanism, AI is taking the world and we should embrace it, a lecture about superintelligence, the future of genetic engineering by George Church and how to build your own artificial hand.

More Than A Human

Jason Silva talks about transhumanism

Jason Silva explains how we shape the technology and how the technology shapes us.

Scientists Are One Step Closer to Fully Integrating Our Bodies with Electronics

Scientists are developing new ways to bridge the gap between our bodies and electronics by mimicking the connections between neurons. The goal of bioelectronics (that’s how it is called) is to provide synergy between the electronic device and the body, so they’re able to communicate at a molecular and macro level.

Artificial Intelligence

The AI Takeover Is Coming. Let’s Embrace It.

Why should we embrace AI when it is going to take a lot of jobs and change the society forever? Because the benefits are too great, according to this article. The new wave of intelligent systems can improve our healthcare and education, and other areas of our life.

The Non-Technical Guide to Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

I thought it would be a more technical guide to AI. Instead, this article is a list of websites, people, and companies you should know or follow if you want to be up to date wit AI.

How Should We Talk to AIs?

Interesting post by Stephen Wolfram in which he asks the question how should we talk to AIs and tries to answer it. In his opinion, natural languages like English might not be the best choice and using a precise computational language might be a better choice.

Superintelligence: The Idea That Eats Smart People

A long, but worth reading article about superintelligence. It gives you all you need to know about machines way smarter than humans and where it can lead us. If you don’t want to read it all, there is a video here (45 minutes long).


Build an Artificial Hand

Here’s something for all of you who like to build things. In this tutorial by Scientific American, you will learn how to build an artificial hand. Maybe it’s not as sophisticated as Open Bionics artificial hands, but it will teach you the basic concepts behind anatomy of the human hand.


Prof. George Church – The Future of Genetic Engineering

George Church, one of the big names in genetic engineering, shares what is a future of genetic engineering. From cheaper gene sequencing and prevention to reverse aging to engineering human organs in animals. Interesting talk, it gives a good look into the future and what we can expect from genetic engineering in the near future.

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