Issue #7

Today, Google’s car first accident with injuries, drones doing a lot of things, a lot of videos and more!

Transhumanism Is Booming and Big Business Is Noticing

In his newest article, Zoltan Istvan is proving that transhumanism is starting to be noticed by other people and businesses, stating that “transhumanism will soon emerge as the coolest, potentially most important industry in the world” and that most likely next generation of billionaires will come from industries related to transhumanism.

Google’s self-driving car was involved is its first accident with injuries 

And it wasn’t car’s fault! Someone didn’t brake on time, hit the car, which resulted in minor injuries of people inside the car. It was a first accident since the start of the program when someone got injured. Before someone says “driveless cars are deadly!”, check this fact – Google’s driveless cars logged over 1 million kilometers on the roads and during that time they were involved only in 14 accidents.

Rural pop-up hospital gets America’s first drone delivery

The first FAA-ok’d parcel delivery by drone took place in rural Virginia. The drone took the prescriptions for 20 patients, got the medicines and flew back.

First FAA-Approved Drone Delivery Is a Success, but Does It Matter?

Here’s another point of view on previous news about first FAA-approved drone delivery from IEEE Spectrum.

Which movies get artificial intelligence right?

Do you agree with the list? Let me know at or go on Facebook or Twitter and leave a comment.

‘Organs-on-chips’ go mainstream

Organ-on-chip is an innovative method of simulating how drugs will behave in real tissues without using animals or humans to test. Nature reports that more and more drug and pharma companies are trying to use this technology in their processes.

Robots pass ‘wise-men puzzle’ to show a degree of self-awareness

Last week, a trio of Nao robots passed a modified version of the wise-men puzzle, the classic test of self-awerness. The robots have not developed a human level of self-awarness, but still it is an interesting experiment with interesting results.

Re-Planting a Forest, One Drone at a Time

This is the idea: “the only way to fight industrial-scale deforestation is with industrial-scale reforestation”. How? By planting 1 billion trees. That’s a lot of trees to plant, and here’s where drones enter the stage.

Can computers be creative?

Can you imagine a story for children written by a computer? Or a machine that can use irony or metaphors? These kind of machine are here… yet.

NASA Wants Help Training Valkyrie Robots to Go to Mars

Despite failure at DARPA Robotics Challenge, guys at NASA are still dreaming boldly. They want to put Valkyrie robots into space, on Mars, and maybe further.

AI Block Battle

Here’s something for all of you, who know how to code and want to test their skills. AI Block Battle is a challenge in which you have to write a bot playing Tetris with other bots. Your goal is to build the best bot and beat other bots.

The Most Advanced Robots in the World

A showcase of the most advanced robots in the world. Good job, SciShow, good job.

10 Jobs Robots Will Never Replace

Yeah, robots are taking our jobs. If you are afraid of your future and you want to choose that one job, that will survive the robotic revolution, check this list of 10 jobs robots will never replace. Or at least it will take them more time to do so.

Jaguar testing emotion sensing wearable at Wimbledon 2015

During recent Wimbledon tournament, Jaguar was tracking biometric data of crowd using wearables with heart rate sensors and GPS. Then they combined that data with other data sets and visualized it. Is this the future of sport events? Maybe.

How Watson works?

Ever wonder what is Watson, the latest AI system from IBM, and why it is different from other supercomputers? If so, this video will answer your questions.

If Your Computer Existed In Multiple Universes, It Would Be Way Faster

Take quantum computers and multiverse theory. Smash both and voila!, now you have a multiverse computer.

What Is The Future Of Human Evolution?

TestTube tries to answer the question “where humans going to be in 50 years?”

The Future of Robotics

Dr Yulun Wang shares his thoughts about robots and future of robotics an Imperial Business Partners event. Because of his background, most of the talk is about medical robots.

DeepDream: Inside Google’s ‘Daydreaming’ Computers

Hank Green from SciShow dives into Google’s DeepDream explaining why guys at Google did it, how it works, what are neural networks and why DeepDreams’ images are so weird.

Will Advances in Technology Create a Jobless Future?

A long-read from MIT Technology Review about the impact of robots, AI and software on jobs. It’s a final part of three part series. Here you can read the first article – How Technology Is Destroying Jobs. Second part – Technology and Inequality.

We Ask 5 People Creating The Future: So, What Will It Be Like?

Guys at TED asked Neil Gaiman, Juan Enriquez, Sara Seager, Jason Silva, Tom Wujec and Nalo Hopkinson about the future. And they started to talk how science fiction is a lens of today’s world, to talk about space travels, human modifications and enhancements, but also who will be left behind. Short ideas worth watching.

Seahorse tails could inspire new generation of robots

Inspiration for the next big technological breakthrough in robotics, defense systems and biomedicine could come from a seahorse’s tail, according to a new study reported Thursday in the journal Science.

FPV Drone Racing Goes Big League

FPV Drone Racing has been around for a while, but in 2015, Fat Shark and the California State Fairgrounds played host to the Drone Nationals: a competition with 120 competitors and a $25,000 prize purse.

In the Year 3000…

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