Issue #65

Inside – ethics and dangers of augmenting humans, mind controlled nanobots inside cockroach, a simple solution to traffic, biohacking from a garage, AI, drones, robots and more!

More Than A Human

Human by Design – Ethical Framework for Human Augmentation

I like how Square Enix was promoting Deus Ex: Mankind Divided by discussing the topics of human augmentations. In this short video, they have introduced The Ethical Framework for Human Augmentation, a set of guidelines mostly designed to start a discussion about human augmentation.

Caffeine? That’s So Analog. Introducing Electric Neural Stimulation

Nichol Bradford explains briefly how devices using neurofeedback and biofeedback, neurostim and biostim start to be available and how they can enhance your brain.

Scientists: Brain Stimulation May Make You Smarter But At a Huge Cost

It seems you can add a few IQ points by stimulating brain regions using headsets from the internet. A stimulation device targets specific brain regions with pulses in order to slow down some mental processes and to activate or enhance others. Experts warn it can pose certain risks as we have barely scratched the surface when it comes to brain stimulation possibilities.

Exoskeleton Designed For Children

Researchers from The Spanish National Research Council created an exoskeleton designed for children. They had to take into account that their patients are constantly growing, so they designed the exoskeleton in such way that it also can “grow” with them.

So You Want to Live Forever?

Mind upload. Merging with machines. Playing with genes. Which approach do you think is our best shot for immortality?

The Future Of Tattoos: 3-D Printing, Microphones & LEDs

All you need to know about the future of tattoos. UV-ink tattoos, biotech tattoos, tattoos with LEDs and more.

Artificial Intelligence

China’s AI Reporter Published 450 Articles During Rio Olympics

Chinese search engine and news outlet Toutiao is using an artificial intelligence known as Xiaomingbot to publish articles on the Olympics. The bot was able to write a total of 450 articles during the 15-day event.

Robot Sociopaths: Playing Devil’s Advocate With Steven Pinker On The Dangers Of Artificial Intelligence

Here’s a response to [Stephen Pinker’s video about why we should not fear AI- pocalypse]( intelligence-apocalypse). In a nutshell – ethical programming will not be enough because a sociopathic AI can still emerge despite ethical programming.

Yuval Noah Harari on big data, Google and the end of free will

Yuval Noah Harari explains the principles of Dataism and how computers can predict what will happen or choose the right thing for you based just on the enormous amount of data about you. Plus he explores the idea of free will, or rather the lack of it.

7 Key Factors Driving the Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Capital, Algorithms, Hardware, Data, Talent, Applications and Responsibility is what according to Neil Jacobstein, chair of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at Singularity University fuels current AI revolution.

UC Berkeley Is Investigating How To Design Robots That Can Learn Human Values

The University of California, Berkeley has launched a new center dedicated to finding ways to make artificial intelligence more user-friendly by exploring how to design robots that can learn what is important to people from watching (or reading about) how we act.


A Man’s Thoughts Controlled Robots Inside A Cockroach

A man has used his thoughts to activate nanobots inside a cockroach. How sci- fi is that!

Domino’s Is One Step Closer to Delivering Pizzas by Drone

We live in the future.

The Simple Solution to Traffic

An excellent video by CGP Grey, where he proves why self-driving cars are the solution for solving the problem of traffic jams.

Building Robot Astronauts

NASA just put out a challenge. It’s called The Space Robotics Challenge and has the prizes add up to 1 million dollars. So what’s the challenge then? Simple – build software for a space robot. If you are interested, this video nicely explains how will the contest look like and what are the challenges in details.

Why Tactile Intelligence Is the Future of Robotic Grasping

A rather long read article about the problem of robotic grasping. A problem that soon might be solved thanks to advancements in computer vision, deep learning, but also thanks to tactile intelligence – the ability for robot to “feel” the object and make a decision based on how the object feels like.

This Company Wants To Turn Your Car Into A Driverless Car

With this kit from a startup called, you can turn every car into self-driving car. Plus it could show emojis to other drivers, because emojis.


CRISPR: A Gene-Editing Superpower

Yet another video explaining how does CRISPR work, this time from SciShow.

The Man Biohacking Encryption From His Garage

A pioneer in the biohacking scene since the mid-2000s, Amal Graafstra’s been experimenting with RFID implants for more than a decade. Now Graafstra is developing implants that go beyond RFIDs.

3D Print All The Things!

MIT’s shape-shifting 3D-printed objects could improve medicine and solar-power

MIT and the Singapore University of Technology and Design teamed up to create a new kind of structure that can “remember” its original shape, and return to that state even after being deformed or otherwise bent out of shape. They showed how it works by creating a small 3D printed as one piece gripper able to grab objects.

3D printing your own hand: How AI empowers mass customization

One day, a woman came into Janis Jatnieks’ office and asked if he can 3D print a prosthetic hand for her son. That request led him to create a new artificially intelligent 3D modeling software, which enables mass customization of designs based on a 3D scan.

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