Issue #6

In this issue, we will discuss biohacking, cockroaches and robotics, future of jobs, LEGO prosthesis and more!


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The human race

Steven Poole touches the questions about enhancing humans by using prosthetics, implants, doping, drugs and asks the question “what is waiting for us at the finish line”.

I like the double meaning of the title.

Peter Thiel’s quest to find the key to eternal life

Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and Palantir, an investor in Tesla and Facebook, joins the anti-aging movement. It’s good to see someone with his experience and resources trying to do something seemingly impossible and in some way legitimize the anti-aging pioneers.

Researchers train computer to create games by watching YouTube

We saw programs that were able to learn how to play computer games all by it selves (check Issue #3 for more info). Researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology done something different – instead of making a program that plays a game, they’ve made a program that learns how to create games by watching other games.

Now I’m waiting for AI playing Mario designed by another AI.

Upgrade your mind with a brain buzzer

The best of the best were the first to start jogging. Then the world followed. Next, the best of the best started meditating. Once again, the world followed. Now, some startups are trying to convince the best of the best to wear devices that promise to “upgrade” their brains. Will they succeed? And if so, will the world follow?

Prosthetic Arm Lets Kids Build Attachments Out of LEGO

Or how current technology helps disabled children cope with their disabilities by unleashing their creativity into enhancing themselves.

Minecraft Shows Robots How to Stop Dithering

Even robots are playing Minecraft these days!


Besides being a nice trivia to know, this fact shows how important genetic data will be. Today’s big data and issues surrounding it will be nothing comparing to the challenge of managing and analyzing your genes. Companies like Google and Amazon are seeing the importance of tackling this issue and are starting to offer solutions for genetic data.

Biohacking Is Here and Becoming Mainstream

An introduction into biohacking for an average person. The article explains in an easy way what is biohacking, why it is so important and show different flavors of biohacking.

Biotech in the Garage

With the cost of founding a biotech startup is dropping every year, we are going to see more and more biotech companies that started like the big software companies – in garages. Seth Bannon explores the trends that are making this vision come true, like better and better tools, the rise of open-source biotech and new sources of funding.

Why do we keep expecting robots to kill us?

In the Western culture the robots and technology are often portrait as a threat. Some say it is because of the human fear of being obsolete. Some say it is a Frankenstein syndrome. Some would say it has something to do with Western religions and mythology, where humans were constantly being punished for trying to be better than gods.

Do we really want to fuse our minds together?

We’ve merged two rats’ brains into one and recently we’ve done the same thing with monkeys’ brains (see Issue #5 for more about monkeys). We’ve built mind-readers and even dream-readers. We’ve managed to send information from one human brain to another over the Internet. With all these advancements in technology, we are getting closer to connect human brains to share experiences.

But, should we do that?

3D-printed ‘electronic glove’ could help keep your heart beating for ever

Is it just me, or that ‘glove’ looks like the heart from Deux Ex: Human Revolution opening?

Robots and Artificial Intelligence Will Erase Jobs in Nearly Every Industry


In Japan, a ‘Strange Hotel’ Will Be Staffed Almost Entirely By Robots


The Real-Life Dangers of Augmented Reality

A summary of couple of research papers on usability and potential side-effects of augmented reality, which can impair our perception. But not all hope’s lost. The papers are also showing how AR apps and devices might be designed to avoid these danges.

The secrets of nature’s grossest creatures, channeled into robots

Or how cockroaches inspire new generation of robots. Biomimicry FTW.

How to make a cyborg from cockroach?

Here’s an interesting project for all of you, evil geniuses. Use the power of technology and open source to hack… cockroaches’ brain. Because every evil genius wants somewhere deep inside to control other beings.

How Long Until Computers Have The Same Power As The Human Brain?

A nice animation showing the power of exponential growth.

Could we build an artificial brain?

From simple robot, through robot controlled by simulated worm brain, to simulating human brain, this video explains where we are in the quest of making artificial brain.

Digital Summit Highlights: ‘The Hopes of the Pioneers’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’

A two-in-one podcast from Intelligence Squared.

The first part is about the hopes and memories of the internet’s early days and could the internet have developed in any other way than the one we know today.

The second part is about Artificial Intelligence with Nicholas Bostrom, Murray Shanahan, Daniel Glaser and Riva-Melissa Tez. If you interested only in this part, it starts at 22:42.

Chinese Researchers 3D Print Rabbit & Goat Bones for Implantation


What is “techno-feudalism”?

This is an interesting concept to think about. Let’s take Middle-age feudalism and try to apply it to the current time in technology. Who would be the king and who would be the nobility? Who would be the owner? And who would be a peasant?

Radiolab talks about CRISPR

CRISPR, the most exciting technology in biology, is slowly making its way into the mainstream. The podcast starts with drunken scientists and from that point starts to tell the story behind CRISPR and explain what it is.

Blind Mother Can “See” Her Baby’s Ultrasound Thanks to 3D Printing Technology

A touching history how new technologies can help people experience something that in other cases would not experience.

The Singularity Song

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