Issue #45

Google’s new bipedal robot, Chinese scientist again edited human embryo, how mind uploading might impact society, drones at TED, robots, AI and more!

More Than A Human

Paralyzed Man Regains Control of His Hand, Thanks to A Chip Implanted in His Brain

Doctors are reporting that a man has regained control of his right hand and fingers after a diving accident that left him paralyzed. This was accomplished using technology that transmits his thoughts directly into his hand muscles. I like how they tested if everything works. They used Guitar Hero.

Immortality: When We Digitally Copy Our Minds, What Happens to Humanity?

Mind uploading is for us a science fiction. But as Steven Kotler points out, the things that were science fiction in 20th century becomes science reality in 21st. When we develop the mind uploading technology, how it will impact society? How it will impact religions? Steven Kotler tries to give a glimpse into a future society, where death of the body is not the end of you.

An Exoskeleton Spine Brace for Scoliosis

Here’s a video of a dynamic exoskeleton that gathers data from the human spine. It can provide clues for more effective treatment of scoliosis.

President Obama On The Future Of Thought-Controlled Technology

President Barack Obama joins DNews to discuss (very briefly) how advances in technology that can respond to patients’ thoughts may change lives. You can learn more about this technology from [the video’s follow up article]( could-help-paralyzed-walk-160209.htm#mkcpgn=rssnws1).

Artificial Intelligence

The funny things happening on the way to singularity

Interesting article. It starts with transparency, then adds quantum computing and AI to go through privacy issues and AI’s having access to a lot of data. Then it tackles the problem of automation and ends with possible solutions to the mess we are making now. You know, fun things.

Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Us Find The Authors Of The Bible

Researchers are using artificial intelligence algorithms, especially those dealing with analyzing handwriting, to learn more about who were the authors of the Bible.

The era of AI-human hybrid intelligence

“Let the machines contribute their ability to solve what you can mechanize, but recognize that for the foreseeable future there are aspects of all kinds of problem-solving that require a human touch”. We hear a lot about humans vs AI recently. Many people are painting apocalyptic scenarios where machines destroy humanity. But some people think that competition between humans and machines isn’t the way to go. Instead, they propose the cooperation between humans and machines. The human intelligence and machine intelligence are different types of intelligence and they should complement each other.

Why it’s a mistake to compare A.I. with human intelligence

I think this article is a nice follow-up read for the previous one. It explains why human intelligence and artificial intelligence are different and why should stop comparing one to another.


Google-owned Schaft presents its bidepal robot

Some say it looks like AT-ST from Star Wars. Others see TARS from Interstellar. No matter how you look at this robot, it looks impressive.

Meet the dazzling flying machines of the future

Raffaello D’Andrea presents at recent TED conference what drones are and what they are capable of. He shows the drone that takes off and lands like a helicopter but flies like an aeroplane. He also shows the simplest drone as well as its more complex brother. And at the end of his talk, a swarm of little drones dance in the air above the crowd. Worth watching.

Hundreds of Drone Pilots Sign up to Fly During Emergencies

Say what you will about civilian drones and drone pilots, but when the going gets tough, these drone pilots will get going. Hundreds of civilian drone pilots signed up to lend their services during crisis scenarios, however nobody knows quite yet how to utilize them.

Drone Racing Is A Sport On ESPN Now

Great news! ESPN announced it will livestream the U.S. National Drone Racing Championships, a 3-day drone racing event held on New York City’s Governor’s Island in early August. And then, in October, ESPN will cover the 2016 World Drone Racing Championships at Kualoa Ranch, Hawaii.

Ground delivery robots: Passing fancy or next wave?

We all expect to see drone deliveries. This vision might come true but in a different shape. Instead of flying machines, we might see robots with wheels. Many companies are now exploring possibilities of ground delivery robots. So, what do you think will deliver your package in the future – a robot with rotors or a robot with wheels?

Shockingly, Robots Are Really Bad at Waiting Tables

It turns out that robots aren’t good at serving food as some people might think. Two restaurants in China that decided to have robotic waiters, are now closed.

9 Fictional Robots More Human Than Their Creators

Sometimes a fictional machine is more human than human.


Scientists Successfully Genetically Modify Human Embryos Against HIV

They did it again! Using CRISPR/Cas9, a group of Chinese researchers introduced HIV-resistance into the embryos, showcasing the tremendous potential for gene-editing.

A New Shrimp Simulacrum Hopes To Take Plates By Storm

Your next shrimp pad thai might be shrimp-free. A start-up in San Francisco called New Wave Foods plans to release a “popcorn shrimp” product that is entirely man-made within the next eight months.

DNA as a massive USB stick

Scientists are learning how to use DNA as a medium for data storage. One gram of DNA can hold as much as 700 terabytes of data.

Gene-Edited CRISPR Mushroom Escapes U.S. Regulation

Fungus is the first organism engineered by CRISPR-Cas9 to get a green light from the U.S. government. It means that the mushroom can be cultivated and sold without passing through the agency’s regulatory process.

Virtual Worlds

A glimpse of the future through an augmented reality headset

Meron Gribetz presents at TED an augmented reality (AR) headset called Meta 2. He shows recorded demos and explains how neuroscience will shape future AR interfaces. Plus, he makes some live demo on the stage.


* I, Phone

CGP Grey explains why the smartphone is an extension of our minds and why the recent legal battle between FBI and Apple is so important for future laws in the future, where everyone will become practically a cyborg with a brain implant.

The Age of Automation

Here’s an infographic from how the upcoming Age of Automation is going to impact our lives. Which jobs are safe from automation? Which aren’t? How will it impact education? You can find some answers in this infographic.

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