Issue #396

This week - code-generating AIs introduce security bugs; Baidu starts nighttime driverless taxis in Wuhan; spray-on smart skin; and more!

More Than A Human

Meet the Neuralink Cofounder Who Left and Started a Competitor That's Now Rapidly Catching Up

Futurism speaks with Max Hodak, the founder of Science Corp and ex-cofounder of Neuralink. The interview is mainly about Science Eye - a prosthetic eye that combines genetic engineering with implant technology - and its goals, progress and possible use in VR/AR. The last one is still far away but Hodak hopes the first patient will use Science Eye in 18 months.

Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft to challenge Google by integrating ChatGPT with Bing search

Your next Bing search query could be answered by ChatGPT soon. Microsoft hopes to launch the new feature before the end of March in a bid to make Bing more competitive with Google.

Microsoft Bing AI Image Creator

The partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI starts to introduce AI-powered products into Microsoft's services, like this DALL-E 2-powered image generator backed into Microsoft's search engine, Bing.

There’s now an open source alternative to ChatGPT, but good luck running it

Someone has created an open-source alternative to ChatGPT so if you want, you can build your own ChatGPT-like AI. You just need to train the model with gigabytes of text and have the resources to run the training process on a small supercomputer or in the cloud.

How China is building a parallel generative AI universe

Chinese companies are building their own version of image-generating AIs like Stable Diffusion and DALL-E 2. This article explores the parallel universe of Chinese image generators, how they differ from the Western AIs and how their constraints and usage shape where they will go in the future.

Ownership of AI-Generated Code Hotly Disputed

GitHub, Microsoft and OpenAI are being sued over open-source software piracy and violations of open-source licenses. The lawsuit states that GitHub Copilot - an AI that generates code - does not include any attribution to the original author of the code, copyright notices, or a copy of the license, which most open-source licenses require.


Swiss Drone-Busting Eagle Squadron Permanently Grounded

Yet another squadron of anti-drone eagles is being grounded after officials in Geneva, Switzerland decided advances in the technology made success rates uncertain and even dangerous for the birds to manage. The so-called “eagle brigade” project took flight in 2017, and the eagles were trained to catch drones in mid-air to protect dignitaries in a city that often hosts international summits and the like.

Road Robots Are Coming to the Rescue

Dmitri Dolgov, the co-CEO of Waymo, shares his thoughts and predictions for the autonomous vehicles (AVs) market in 2023. He predicts further expansion of AVs into new cities and growth in AVs transporting goods.


Mitochondria with ‘solar panels’ give worms longer lives

Genetically engineered mitochondria can convert light energy into chemical energy that cells can use, ultimately extending the life of the roundworm C. elegans, a new study shows. “This study found that simply boosting metabolism using light-powered mitochondria gave laboratory worms longer, healthier lives. These findings and new research tools will enable us to further study mitochondria and identify new ways to treat age-related diseases and age healthier”, said one of the authors of the paper.

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