Issue #39

A monkey drives a wheelchair using thoughts, Google’s AI tries to guess where you took the photo and its car hits a bus, Boston Dynamic’s robot meets a dog, X-ray goggles with augmented reality, drones and more!

More Than A Human

7 Bio-Artists Who Are Transforming the Fabric of Life Itself

Seven artists that combine technology and their bodies to create art.

Monkeys Drive Wheelchairs Using Thought Alone

A group of researchers have figured out a way to allow monkeys to control a wheelchair with their minds. The achievement, which uses a brain implant, could soon even severely paralyzed people to control their wheelchairs, allowing them much more mobility than before.

Mind-Controlled Limbs and Home-Made Skin

In the field of medical prosthetics, things are changing quickly. SciShow talks about mind-controlled limbs, and research that suggests that we may be able to go high-tech with low-cost materials.

Artificial Intelligence

Google’s New AI Can Tell Where Your Photo Was Taken Without Using Geotags

It’s called PlaNet and all you have to do is to upload an image and the AI will tell where it was taken. It doesn’t have good accuracy, but it is already better than humans.

The State of Robo Advisors — Personal Financial Advisor as a Service

A nice and quick introduction into companies and startups that use artificial intelligence for wealth management and financial advises.

Is Singularity Near?

The takeaway from this article: “Maybe we should think less about singularity and more about how augmentation technology will change the human condition in a slow and gradual manner.”


Google’s Self-Driving Car Gets Into A Minor Accident While The AI Was Driving

Google Car tried to zip around some stopped cars, had to stop because of some sandbags in the road, tried to merge back into the other lane to get around them, and it hit the side of a passing bus which it assumed would slow to let it merge back into the lane. No injuries.

Fido vs Spot — Animal vs Robot

A dog vs Boston Dynamics’ robot.

Drones Have Reached a Tipping Point—Here’s What Happens Next

Did drones really reach a tipping point? Peter Diamandis looks at drone industry and shares what he expects to see in upcoming years regarding drones.

Drones Aren’t Just Toys Anymore

Drones, a thing that started as a toy and hobby, became a mature industry now with power to change and disrupt other industries.

In emergencies, should you trust a robot?

Georgia Tech researchers built the ‘Rescue Robot’ to determine whether or not building occupants would trust a robot designed to help them evacuate a high- rise in case of fire or other emergency.

Utah Bill Would Let Police Shoot Down Drones

In Utah, state representative David E. Lifferth has proposed a bill that would let law enforcement shoot down drones if they interfere with emergency response.

Virtual Worlds

The Virtuali-Tee: Wearable tech you learn with

Did you ever want to have X-ray glasses? Well, with this app, a special t-shirt and augmented reality you sort of get your own X-ray glasses.

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