Issue #37

The quest for an affordable exoskeleton, bioprinting tissues, mind-controlled prosthetics, virtual assistants, self-parking chairs, how to create a voice for an AI and more!

More Than A Human

Amputee models Rebekah Marine and Gianna Schiavone present creations at New York fashion week

Check this photo. It’s beautiful. It also made me think when healthy people will start to consider replacing their limbs with prosthetics.

This mind-controlled limb can move individual fingers

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University created a mind-controlled prosthesis able to move individual fingers.

Disabled musicians create music from brainwaves

Four members of a Paramusical Ensemble, who are unable to talk or move, are using advanced brain-computer interfaces (BCI) to create music with the power of their minds.

This Is the Most Amazing Biomimetic Anthropomorphic Robot Hand We’ve Ever Seen

The title sounds like a click-bait, but really, this is the most amazing prosthetics hand I have ever seen. And it is somehow beautiful at the same time.

Talking Exoskeletons with suitX Founder Dr. Homayoon Kazerooni

A podcast and an interview with Dr. Kazerooni on how to bring lightweight, affordable exoskeletons to everyone who needs one.

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent assistant landscape shows slow growth but huge potential

VentureBeat dives into the world of the intelligent assistants, checks how the landscape looks there and what should we expect in the near future from AI assistants.

TED-RNN – Machine generated TED-Talks

Someone took transcripts from many TED Talks, feed a recurrent neural network with them and generated a new talk. Check the video and decide if it’s good enough.

The superhero of artificial intelligence: can this genius keep it in check?

In this article, The Guardian asks who is Demis Hassabis, the founder of DeepMind, what is his story and what is his mission.

Your Next New Best Friend Might Be a Robot

This article from Nautilius focuses on the recent biggest Turing test in history run by Microsoft to test Xiaoice, the Chinese Cortana. This AI was able to trick many people that it is a human, providing assistance, holding the conversation and even showing compassion. So, would your best Facebook friend soon be an AI?

Creating a Computer Voice That People Like

A story behind IBM Watson’s voice, how it was created and why creating a good voice for AI is so important.


Intelligent Self-Parking Chairs by Nissan

Nissan showed the future of the office. Just clap and the chairs will find park themselves.

How The Next Generation Of Drones Could Reshape Future War

Someday, cheap and deadly or stealthy and autonomous drones may reshape the balance of power between nations, but until then it’s best to focus on the impact drones will have in irregular war. The dawn of the robot warriors is still in the future.

DARPA Has A Tiny, Fully-Loaded And Autonomous Quadcopter Drone Going 20 m/s Indoors

The title says everything.

Robot chameleon blend in with its surroundings

Just like some living chameleons this robotic reptile is able to change its colour to match its surroundings. But the robot’s skin changes using artificial intelligence.


3D Bioprinter Creates Bone, Muscle and Cartilage For This Ear

A team of researchers from Wake Forest University has created a 3D bioprinting tool that creates large synthetic bone, cartilage, and muscle tissue that is viable for weeks or months at a time when implanted in animals. With a bit more work, the researchers believe these 3D printed tissues could be transplanted into humans.

Startup using genetics to enhance athletic performance

Nova Scotia-based startup Athletigen is adding a genetic twist to athletics: It profiles athlete’s health, studying muscle tissue, energy metabolism and even psychology to craft an action plan to improve athletic prowess.

Virtual Worlds

New Technology Brings Finger-Level Precision To VR

Leap Motion released Orion, which lets developers create virtual reality apps that incorporate users’ finger movements. I hope Orion is better that the Leap controller.

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