Issue #343

Happy New Year!

This week's issue is shorter than normal. We have: AI prosecutor in China; how AI changes how we communicate with each other and a new warehouse robot from Boston Dynamics.

Artificial Intelligence

Chinese scientists develop AI ‘prosecutor’ that can press its own charges

AI researchers from China created an AI that can charge people with crimes. The AI “prosecutor” can file a charge with more than 97 per cent accuracy based on a verbal description of the case, according to the researchers.

What Happens When an AI Knows How You Feel?

AI is finding its way into almost every aspect of our lives. This includes now how we speak to each other. This article explores the AIs that sit between humans in communication apps, how do they impact the perceptions of another person and our emotions.


A Robot for the Worst Job in the Warehouse

IEEE Spectrum takes a closer look at Stretch - the new warehouse robot from Boston Dynamics that can move heavy boxes where they need to go just as fast as an experienced warehouse worker. Stretch should start working with a selected number of customers in 2022 and be available for broader sales in 2023.

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