Issue #332

A shorter issue this week but we have a robot-dog with a gun strapped to its back, shooting for longevity and the stars, the cost of training AI is getting bigger and AI inner misalignment has been proven.

More Than A Human

Shooting for Longevity and the Stars

Senolytics are a class of therapeutic drugs targeting senescent cells - zombie cells believed to be the cause of ageing. This article gives arguments for this idea, provides some counterarguments and explains what reverse ageing has to do with future space travel.

Artificial Intelligence

► We Were Right! Real Inner Misalignment (11:46)

In February this year, Robert Miles brought up in his video the problem of mesa-optimizers and the inner alignment. Basically, the problem is how to make sure an AI learns what we want it to do and not learn to do what we don't want it to do. Miles did some experiments to illustrate the problem. Up until now, these were just thought experiments. But recently, a team of AI researchers confirmed Miles experiments and highlighted that in a training phase AI might learn the wrong objective and when it can fail when it tries to apply its knowledge to a real-world scenario.

AI’s Smarts Now Come With a Big Price Tag

The new, powerful AIs like GPT-3 opened a realm of possible applications for language-based systems but the cost of training a neural network to reach that level of performance can cost millions of dollars. Not every company has the resources to do that. The cost of training AI grows so fast it becomes only available for the big players and can lead to a decrease in innovation, argues Wired.


Ghost Robotics strapped a gun to its robot dog

Boston Dynamics prohibits weaponisation of their robots but that does not prevent other companies from developing their own Spot-like quadruped military robots. One of those companies, Ghost Robotics, unveiled a quadruped robot with a gun attached to its back.

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