Issue #33

Inside – robot does simple chores, control a robot using the Force, a storm over who discovered CRISPR, drones that can avoid obstacles on their own and more!

More Than A Human

DARPA’s Brain Implants Will Give You Access To Downloadable Content And Read Your Mind

I always liked DARPA for their crazy futuristic ideas. Right now, DARPA is working on a brain implant that can give the human brain immediate access to the digital world.

Artificial Intelligence

‘Lo and Behold’ Trailer: Werner Herzog’s Doc Explores Artificial Intelligence and the Future

The famous documentary director Werner Herzog will reveal his newest film about robots, AI and technology called Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World tomorrow, January 23th, 2016, at Sundance Film Festival.

Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking win Luddite Award for artificial intelligence fears

I think they both deserved it.

Artificial Intelligence Finally Entered Our Everyday World

Yes, Wired, it did.


Rise of the Drones

Rudolph Herzog tells the story of the drones in the military, which you might find surprising is longer than you think.

New Breakthrough Material: Graphene Elastomer is More Sensitive Than Human Skin

Researchers from the Monash University have discovered a new sponge-like material called graphene elastomer, which is extremely sensitive to pressure and vibrations, allowing to create prosthetics more sensitive than human skin.

SynTouch’s Prosthetic Fingers Can Feel How Soft a Bunny Is

This prosthetic might not be as sensitive as the one above, but it is sensitive enough, so that you can feel how soft the bunny is. Which is impressive.

Air Mule Hovercraft Ambulance Flies Autonomously

Air Mule, the autonomous ambulance drone, took its first untethered flight.

The Automation Paradox

Everyone lately freaks out when it comes to jobs taken by robots. This article from The Atlantic proves that is some cases automation instead of decreasing the number of jobs, increases it.

MIT Drones Dance Their Way Around Obstacles

Thanks to a project by MIT’s Computer Science And Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), drones can now navigate dense obstacle courses without crashing.

Alphabet Shakes Up Its Robotics Division

Google’s robotics division has been plagued by low morale and a lack of leadership since the unit’s founder left abruptly in 2014. Now Alphabet is cleaning it up.

US pledges $4 bn to speed self-driving cars

The US administration pledged to help clear the way for autonomous vehicles with an investment of $4 billion to fund research and testing projects.

Helicopter Robot Airdrops Recon Ground Robot, No Humans Necessary

Uber, military style. An autonomous Black Hawk helicopter might drop ground troops to the battlefield of the future.

Self-Driving Cars Will Be Ready Before Our Laws Are

Self-driving cars are a great example how much the technology is ahead of the law and how much has to be done to make the new cutting-edge technology legal.

Watch The Atlas Robot Do Simple Chores Slowly

We still have to wait for our humanoid robot-butler, but DARPA’s Atlas made a little step towards that goal. It can now clean the house. Very slowly, but it can do it!

This IBM programmer can control a BB-8 droid from ‘Star Wars’ with his mind

“Use the Force”… of your mind to control BB-8.

Meet Knightscope’s Crime-Fighting Robots

I wonder if these robots have somewhere deep coded the “Exterminate!” program.

Venture Capital (VC) Funding for Robotics in 2015

Here’s a list of where did the money from VC investors go to in 2015.


The Heroes of CRISPR

There is some discussion who really discovered CRISPR. With potential Nobel Prize and billions to earn from the patent, the fight for the true discoverer of CRISPR starts to heat up. Like with this article, which stirred biotechnology community.

“Heroes of CRISPR” Disputed

Critics have harsh words for the Broad Institute’s Eric Lander and Cell over a recent perspective piece describing the history of CRISPR.

Internet Outrage Is Shaping the Battle Over CRISPR

Here’s another view of the same story as above, this time from The Wired.

What is CRISPR & How Could It Edit Your DNA?

Discovery News explains what is CRISPR, the new hottest technology.

Printable Organs Are Closer Than Ever Thanks to Three Bioprinting Breakthroughs

Thanks to these three breakthroughs – 3D printed “living” blood vessels, bioprinted mouse thyroid gland and 3D printed human skin – we are getting closer to print human organs.


The Singularity: Fact or Fiction or Somewhere In-between?

Gareth John in his essay for IEET checks how far are we from the Singularity.

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