Issue #275

This week - a racing mech; unfair algorithms; memes and deepfakes; The Guardian publishes AI-generated article; and more!

Artificial Intelligence

Not just A-levels: unfair algorithms are being used to make all sorts of government decisions

The recent controversy with a system to calculate the graduating grades of secondary school students in the UK has shown how biased historical data used to train those algorithms can increase socio-economical divides.

A robot wrote this entire article. Are you scared yet, human?

The Guardian joined the GPT-3 hype train and published an article generated by an AI.

The Guardian’s GPT-3-generated article is everything wrong with AI media hype

This article points out that the article generated by GPT-3 and published by The Guardian was stitched together from eight different texts. It also states that "those sensationalist tactics won’t benefit the field — or the people that AI can both help and hurt".

Memers are making deepfakes, and things are getting weird

Deepfakes become so easy to make that one person with no background in machine learning was able to make a working prototype in a day and then show how to do it on YouTube. And the internet being internet, uses this technology to do what it does the best - memes.

► Art in the age of machine intelligence | Refik Anadol (12:01)

What does it look like inside the mind of a machine? Inspired by the architectural vision of a futuristic Los Angeles in "Blade Runner," media artist Refik Anadol melds art with artificial intelligence in his studio's collaborations with architects, data scientists, neuroscientists, musicians and more.

How Close Are Computers to Automating Mathematical Reasoning?

n the 1970s, the late mathematician Paul Cohen reportedly made a sweeping prediction that continues to excite and irritate mathematicians — that “at some unspecified future time, mathematicians would be replaced by computers". With the recent advances in artificial intelligence and computer science, some researchers work to make this statement a reality - to build machines that can write proofs of mathematical conjectures and theorems.


► Prosthesis: Mech Racing | Alpha Mech Pilot Program (5:01)

Some mad engineers from Canada have built the world's largest fully functional giant, all-terrain mech. They hope that they can inspire people to join them in creating Mech Racing League. Good luck and I hope they will not share the same fate as MegaBots did.

An Army of Microscopic Robots Is Ready to Patrol Your Body

Researchers from Cornell University have created a prototype microrobot smaller than the width of a human hair that can be manufactured using existing well-understood techniques used for making computer chips. With that, the possibility of making millions of cheap microbots is becoming a reality.

The Rise of “Killer Robots” and the Race to Restrain Them

Here is a good overview of the current state of legal efforts to regulate the development and deployment to lethal autonomous weapon systems, also known as killer robots.

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