Issue #255

This week - Spot goes to hospitals; Zoox shares 1 hour fully autonomous ride around San Francisco; and more!

Artificial Intelligence

Jeff Hawkins: Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence

I don't know why it took me so long to discover Lex Fridman's Artificial Intelligence podcast. Fridman spoke with many interesting people in-depth about AI, technology and their thoughts about these topics. In this episode, Fridman speaks with Jeff Hawkins about neuroscience, reverse-engineering the neocortex, intelligence and AI.

► NVIDIA RTX Voice - Linus Tech Tips (7:46)

NVIDIA released RTX Voice. It uses unused RTX cores to run an AI that removes background noise in real-time. Alex from Linus Tech Tips gives it a try and the results are quite impressive - it can remove background noise, from the loud keyboard and screaming children to a vacuum cleaner, megaphone and drums.


Underwater Crawling Soft Robot Stays In Shape

PATRICK is a robotic starfish. To be more specific, it is a soft robot made from molded silicone designed to work underwater.

► Best Robot Arms of our time (14:26)

Skyentific is my recent YouTube discovery. It's a channel focusing on robotics (specifically robotic arms) from a more technical point of view and also teaches how to build one.

SubT Challenge Urban Circuit Overview

Here is a more in-depth overview of DARPA's recent Subterranean Challenge. It has everything you need - the overview of the facility the robots were competing in, the competition and an overview of each robot.

► Zoox: ~1-Hour Fully Autonomous Drive in San Francisco with Commentary (26:47)

Engineers from Zoox released a video of their self-driving car's 1-hour long autonomous trip around San Fransisco with real traffic, just like the one you would encounter if you were the driver.

Boston Dynamics’ Spot finds a new career in telemedicine amid COVID-19 pandemic

Boston Dynamics joins other tech companies in the fight against COVID-19 and transforms their four-legged robot Spot to be a mobile teleconferencing system. Equipped with an iPad, it allows healthcare workers to remotely check-in with the patients. There are plans to equip the robot with more sensors to detect patients' temperature, respiratory rate, pulse rate and oxygen saturation, or transforming Spot into a mobile disinfection station with UV light on its back.


► Issac Arthur - Economies of the Future (28:16)

Isaac Arthur (one of my favourite YouTubers) asks the question - but what about the economy of the future? How would the economy in a post-scarcity future, where everything is made by robots and AI, with abundant sources of power, look like? Will there still be a place for money to exists and if so, what future civilizations can use as a currency?

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