Issue #2

Today, on H+ Weekly – should politicians be replaced by AI, what happened to cyberpunk, AI performing magical tricks, a bunch of guys talking about things and a brief history of robotics. And cats.


Should Politicians be Replaced by AI?

Probably you could most of them replace by robots and you won’t see a difference. But still, would an emotionless machine be better at politics?

A Brief History of Robotics

Hank Green in 10 minutes explains the history of robotics, why we don’t see human-like machines from sci-fi movies (yet) and why robotics is hard.

Artificial Intelligence That Performs Real Magic Tricks

Howard Williams from Queen Mary University of London explores what can come up when you combine magic and illusions with machine learning.

What Happened to Cyberpunk?

Claire Evans analyses what happened to cyberpunk. Where is it now? What happened to it?

Evans claims that cyberpunk is here.

Does AI Dream of Electric Sheep?

No, but it still looks awesome.

Guys from Google showed how their AI sees the world. Looks… weird, but in that interestest meaning of that word.

Deep Learning: Intelligence from Big Data

A group of experts is talking about AI, big data and the future (a standard set of buzzwords in 2015!).

I recommend watching this talk for two reasons. First, at the beginning Steve Jurvetson quite nicely explains what is deep learning (bingo! Another buzzword) in a very easy way, so that you can easily get the basic concepts.

Then, there was the panel. I did like the part where they talking about using quantum computers in AI systems. You can start imagining what could happen when you combine these two technologies.

If you don’t want to watch the Clarifai presentation, the discussion starts around 39:30.

Algorithms of the Mind

Or what machine learning can teach us about our minds.

If you look closely at people conducting researches in the field of AI, you would eventually find neuroscientists. They are there to explain to software engineers how the brain works, so that they have a bit easier making artificial brains. But it also works in other direction. Neuroscientists are now learning how the brain might work by examining how did the artificial brain come to some results. By trying to build artificial mind we are learning more about our own mind.

Cats vs robot

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