Issue #107

Inside – Facebook’s AI created a new language; Kurzweil predicts the future; Tom Scott and blocking people from our lives; micro-robots swimming in our bodies; a robot that teaches humans how to dance; and more!

More Than A Human

What humans will look like in 1000 years

Too long, didn’t watch – we will be immortal tall cyborgs living on Mars and other planets.

Ray Kurzweil’s Most Exciting Predictions About the Future of Humanity

Ray Kurzweil does what he does the best – predicts the future. At the SXSW conference, he shared his vision of the future, where AI is intelligent as humans, the WiFi is everywhere on Earth, our brains are connected to the internet and humans are cyborgs.

Blocking People in Real Life: Tom Scott at An Evening of Unnecessary Detail

Tom Scott shares a vision of the future where we could block everything and everyone from our life. If you don’t like someone or something, a brain implant will remove them from your world. What could go wrong?

Artificial Intelligence

A Facebook AI Unexpectedly Created Its Own Unique Language

While developing negotiating chatbot agents, Facebook researchers found that the bots spontaneously developed their own non-human language as they improved their techniques, highlighting how little we still know about how artificial intelligences learn.

DeepMind Develops a Neural Network That Can Make Sense of Objects Around It

Researchers from DeepMind have allowed artificially intelligent systems to think more like humans by developing a neural network that specialises in relational reasoning. The neural network allows AIs to make sense of objects in a 3D environment.


A robot dance teacher

Researchers in Japan asked themselves how to make people feel more comfortable with robots? And then they built a robot that teaches human how to dance.

Who Will Pay for the Future if Not the Robots?

What should we do in face of automation taking the jobs? Tax the robots, argues one San Francisco lawmaker. He’s not alone here. Recently Bill Gates proposed a similar idea and I think soon others will follow. It’s a nice idea for everyone who’s worried about being replaced by robots, but it can have some unexpected implications, like slowing down the innovation or halting the robotics research.

Here Are the Microsurgeons That Will Soon Roam Our Bodies

Maybe soon in the future, instead of being opened by a surgeon, we will be asked to swallow a pill full of micro-robots that will swim in our bodies and fix it from inside.


CRISPR 101: Curing Sickle Cell, Growing Organs, Mosquito Makeovers | Jennifer Doudna

Jennifer Doudna, one of the inventors of CRISPR, explains what CRISPR is, how it works, how can we use it and what are the pros and cons of this technology.

This Machine Could Print Synthetic Life Forms on Demand

Craig Venter unveiled a new machine that could print these synthetic life forms on demand – simply feed in a genome design, and let the “ink” form the building blocks of life.

Scientists Want to Insert Bionic Sperm Into Women’s Vaginas

Researchers are equipping sperm with tiny iron suits to turn them into cancer- fighting robots. The idea so crazy that it might work.

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