H+ Weekly issues

Issue #107

Facebook’s AI created a new language; Kurzweil predicts the future; Tom Scott and blocking people from our lives; micro-robots swimming in our bodies; a robot that teaches humans how to dance; and more!

Issue #106

Ethics of augmenting humans; new AIs trying to be better than Deepmind; the future of cars and transport in general; neural implants and brainjacking; and more!

Issue #105

Softbank acquires Boston Dynamics and Schaft; Andrej Karpathy explains what AlphaGo really is; yet another creepy GAN generator; and more!

Issue #104

What’s next for AlphaGo; when will human-level AI arrive, according to experts; dragonfly turned into a cyborg drone, and more!

Issue #103

AlphaGo beats the world best Go player; Google has an AI to make AIs; the problem of consciousness; 3D printing organs; should robot pay taxes, and more!

Issue #102

This week, Google is holding Google I/O conference, so the Artificial Intelligence section is dominated by the news from Google. Apart from that, OpenAI announced a big research breakthrough in machine learning. We will also pay a visit to MIT robotics lab, talk about CRISPR, augmenting humans and more!

Issue #101

AI and consciousness, mind-reading AI, how VR can create a better humanity and more!

Issue #100

In this issue, we have a video about cyborgs from Isaac Arthur, discussions about gene editing and designer babies, cryonics and brain-computer interfaces. Plus, AI and the theory of everything, Chinese battle mech to challenge US’ Megabot, CRISPR to cure HIV and more!

Issue #99

A lamb in an artificial womb, cyborgs, Neuralink explained, another AI-powered time waster by Google and more!

Issue #98

Zuckerberg says Facebook is working on brain interface, the god in the machine, Russian gunslinging robot and more!