H+ Weekly issues

Issue #137

Mind reading AI; Boening’s heavy drone; drone saves swimmers in Australia; should we replace politicians with robots; ethics of neurotechnologies and AI; and more!

Issue #136

Drone swarm attack in Syria; robot-strippers; how to enhance the brain; robotic hands; putting a worm’s brain into a robot; and more!

Issue #135

Sweden is not afraid of robots; brain implants; CIA’s robotic dragonfly; predictions for 2018 and 2050; and more!

Issue #134

Biohackers genetically modifying themselves; response to Slaughterbots; first CRISPR clinical trial could begin in 2018; transhumanism and religions; sweating robots doing pushups and situps; and more!

Issue #133

A closer look at AlphaZero; how to write “programs” in bacterias; the gene patent question; and more!

Issue #132

Google’s AI made a better AI than humans; a security robot was used to kick a homeless out; AI makes fake porn; Google open-sources its gene sequencing tool;  and more!

Issue #131

AlphaZero masters chess in a couple of hours; Russia says it will ignore any UN ban of killer robots; Amazon’s self-destructive drones; DARPA funds gene drives research; AI makes black metal; and more!

Issue #130

Dancing with a robot; the impossibility of intelligence explosion; a story of a guy who tests gene engineering on himself; teaching robots by being a puppeteer; and more!

Issue #129

Atlas does backflips; a man injects himself an untested gene therapy; making AI explain themselves; fire alarm for AGI; an interview with George Church; banning the killer robots; and more!

Issue #128

Boston Dynamics shows a new robot; a campaign against killer robots; people are starting to be afraid of biohackers; and more!