H+ Weekly issues

Issue #162

Adding more senses to human body; MIT’s robot Cheetah learned new tricks; a neural network coded using DNA; exoskeletons; and more!

Issue #161

This week – Disney’s acrobatic robots; DeepMind’s AI learned teamwork by playing Quake III Arena; teaching robots to hug; augmenting human intelligence; and more! More than a human Augmented Intelligence Here is a series of short lectures presenting how we can use AI not to replace us but to improve ourselves. The first one (starts […]

Issue #160

OpenAI bots play Dota 2; AI is as good as doctors; a documentary about bionics; end of the line for ASIMO; and more!

Issue #159

How Hugh Herr plans to connect robots to humans; biohacker won a legal battle to remain a cyborg; DeepMind’s AI can now construct a 3D scene from a 2D image; and more!

Issue #158

A Bitcoin millionaire builds a working Dr Octopus suit; can a robot be divine; AI sees through walls and predicts World Cup winner; and more!

Issue #157

Google to end partnerships with Pentagon and releases its AI principles; Norman, the psychopathic AI; building computers with living neurons; and more!

Issue #156

Report into Uber’s fatal crash is out; exoskeleton for the elderly; Microsoft wants to fight AI bias with AI; Eric Schmidt says Elon Musk is wrong about AI; clean meat updates; and more!

Issue #155

The life of Aaron Traywick; Uber ends self-driving car program in Arizona; Google’s quest to make you a cyborg; Microsoft’s AI can also make phone calls; and more!

Issue #154

Spot Mini will be available next year; growing an ear on forearm; sending a robot for a graduation ceremony; safety in DIY biology movement; and more!

Issue #153

Google AI makes phone calls for you; is the future transhuman; Boston Dynamics robot gets some fresh air; extending lifespan of dogs before humans; and more