H+ Weekly issues

Issue #155

The life of Aaron Traywick; Uber ends self-driving car program in Arizona; Google’s quest to make you a cyborg; Microsoft’s AI can also make phone calls; and more!

Issue #154

Spot Mini will be available next year; growing an ear on forearm; sending a robot for a graduation ceremony; safety in DIY biology movement; and more!

Issue #153

Google AI makes phone calls for you; is the future transhuman; Boston Dynamics robot gets some fresh air; extending lifespan of dogs before humans; and more

Issue #152

This week – why we should enhance humans; why we should not live forever; the biggest drone show in history; clean-meat biocommunity in Japan; China is scanning workers’ brains; and more! More than a human Chasing Captain America: why superhumans may not be that far away In this interview, Vox speaks with E. Paul Zehr […]

Issue #151

Amazon plans to release a home robot; Open Bionic releases a new prosthetic arm; the fable of the dragon-tyrant, animated; real-life Transformer; and more!

Issue #150

A robot assembled a chair from IKEA; how far are we from bionic humans; robotbees on Mars; UK report urges action to combat AI bias; and more!

Issue #149

France’s plan to become an AI powerhouse; Europe wants to grant robots right but the experts say “don’t do it”; Bill Gates’ letter on genetic engineering; UN tries to define a “killer robot”; and more!

Issue #148

Radio-controlled cyborg mouse; Estonia wants to sequence DNA of its citizens; people don’t like the idea of AI weapons; and more about AI, robots and merging humans with machines!

Issue #147

New robots from Festo; more about ethics and regulations around self-driving cars; a teen who built a prosthetic arm for his dad; and more!

Issue #146

Self-driving Uber car kills a pedestrian; Pentagon asks Silicon Valley giants for help; robot-bees patent by Walmart; and more!