H+ Weekly issues

Issue #145

Burger-flipping robot got fired; a case for human-chimp; a bionic girl comes to Xbox as an avatar; a robot-cat learns to walk; a mind-uploading startup that needs to kill you first; and more!

Issue #144

Alexa laughs; build your own Boston Dynamics robot; UK prepares for driverless cars; AI tricks human to see things in the pictures; and more!

Issue #143

Drones on the catwalk; Josiah Zayner regrets his stunts; China invests more in AI than US; lawyers vs AI – 0:1; and more!

Issue #142

AI as a weapon; hard life as a robot at Boston Dynamics; new applications of CRISPR; BBC document on the quest for immortality; quantum AI papers from Google; and more!

Issue #141

BodyHacking Con; cryonics myths; Boston Dynamics new robot; AI psychology; Intel’s drone show in South Korea; Disney robots; and more!

Issue #140

AI myths; artificial worm balancing a pole; who gets access to advanced reproductive technologies; one lucky guy gets an advanced mind-controlled robotic arm; biopunks; and more! 

Issue #139

Self-destructing GMOs; robotic swans in Singapore; how AI coded its AI child; AI recreates Leia’s scene from Rogue One; and more!

Issue #138

Cloned monkeys; a response to a response to Slaughterbots; China has already gene-edited 86 people using CRISPR; how fast is AI progressing; and more!

Issue #137

Mind reading AI; Boening’s heavy drone; drone saves swimmers in Australia; should we replace politicians with robots; ethics of neurotechnologies and AI; and more!

Issue #136

Drone swarm attack in Syria; robot-strippers; how to enhance the brain; robotic hands; putting a worm’s brain into a robot; and more!