H+ Weekly issues

Issue #114

Korea takes first step to introduce ‘robot tax’; first genetically engineered salmon sold in Canada; a robot falls off the stage; ethics of immortality; and more!

Issue #113

In this issue – a lot on AI; hopes and fears of artificial general intelligence; robots from Boston Dynamics on TED; Roborace; and more! I added a new section for events & meetups. If you know any interesting meetups in your area about transhumanism, AI, robotics and the impact of the technology on humanity, let […]

Issue #112

Elon Musk vs the world; an immortality as a chatbot; UK to bring in drone registration; first human embryos edited in US; and more!

Issue #111

AI creates fake Obama; Elon says AI is the greatest risk we face as a civilization; a security robot threw itself into a fountain; Alphabet’s Verily has plans to release 20 million sterile in California; aliens in Happiness Boxes; and more!

Issue #110

DeepMind teaches AI to walk; storing GIF in a living bacteria; neuroprosthetics’ security concerns; AI that generates cats; and more!

Issue #109

The ethics of enhancing humans; why having a chip in a brain is inevitable and who is working on it right now; a creepy chatbot that reads human emotions; and more!

Issue #108

Cyborgs; sneak peek into Facebook bots language; Amazon’s bee-hives for drones; biological teleportation machine; a DIY AI to sort LEGO pieces; and more!

Issue #107

Facebook’s AI created a new language; Kurzweil predicts the future; Tom Scott and blocking people from our lives; micro-robots swimming in our bodies; a robot that teaches humans how to dance; and more!

Issue #106

Ethics of augmenting humans; new AIs trying to be better than Deepmind; the future of cars and transport in general; neural implants and brainjacking; and more!

Issue #105

Softbank acquires Boston Dynamics and Schaft; Andrej Karpathy explains what AlphaGo really is; yet another creepy GAN generator; and more!