H+ Weekly issues

Issue #124

The giant robot battle; real-life cyborgs; DeepMind’s new AI is better than AlphaGo; China’s AI Awakening; and more!

Issue #123

Facebook’s bot loses its first battle in StarCraft; the giant robots duel is finally happening; self-driving mail trucks; building life from scratch; and more!

Issue #122

DeepMind is getting serious about ethics; AI meets religion; beauty in transhuman future; ping-pong robot; how to turn your skin cells into stem cells; and more!

Issue #121

Bionic Miss America contestant; Bill Gates, Garry Kasparov and Richard Dawkins on AI; on lab-grown meat; biohackers; and more!

Issue #120

Connecting our brains to machines; the aftermath of the gaydar AI; a burger-flipping robot; and more!

Issue #119

DIY cyborgs; robot ‘conductor’; biocomputers and bioethics; Facebook’s AI learns how to react to human emotions; and more!

Issue #118

Vladimir Putin on AI; the ethics of human augmentation; how to regulate AI; robots tax could become a reality in San Francisco; on gene therapies; and more!

Issue #117

Self-driving lorries to be tested in the UK; Ford’s autonomous car delivers Domino’s pizza; bionic pop singer; hacking DNA to hack a computer; and more!

Issue #116

A call to ban killer robots; a song made by AI; how AI can enhance us; some perspective on OpenAI’s Dota2 bot; and more!

Issue #115

This week – OpenAI conquered Dota 2; Alexa controlled exoskeleton; DIY pharmaceuticals; Elon being Elon; and more! More than a human Direct Neural Interface & DARPA – Dr Justin Sanchez As director of DARPA’s Biological Technologies Office, Dr Justin Sanchez is part of a team that is looking at how to decode brain signals and use them […]