H+ Weekly issues

Issue #175

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas does parkour; connecting human brains to play Tetris; can an AI be a person under the law; Japan set to allow gene editing in human embryos

Issue #174

Rethink Robotics shuts down; a robot installs a drywall; new robotics challenge from DARPA; cyborgs fighting for their rights through art; DIY sixth sense; the dangers of DNA testing; and more!

Issue #173

A cyborg artist; extreme biohacking; growing mini-brains in the lab; can Boston Dynamics sell their robots; why AIs have a problem with the real world and why do they learn to smell; and more!

Issue #172

Dalai Lama meets bionic girl; the case for radically enhancing humanity; do we really need BCIs?; building safe AI; how China aims to dominate robotics; and more!

Issue #171

The case for engineering ethical humans; brain-computer interfaces; DARPA invests $2B in AI; humans to drone race against AI; and more!

Issue #170

Apple’s self-driving car had an accident; no consensus on killer robots; first genetically modified mosquitoes to be released in Africa; how we will benefit from sequences our genes; is AI the end of understanding in science

Issue #169

Gartner’s Hype Cycle 2018; OpenAI reflects on DotA 2 championships; exoskeletons are going mainstream; the security problem in robotics; and more!

Issue #168

OpenAI faces the best players in Dota 2 championships; a drone saves swimmers in Spain; Kalashnikov showcases a mech robot;

Issue #167

Cloning dogs; rejuvenation is an industry now; how will the jobs of the future look like; DeepMind gets good at detecting eye diseases; and more!

Issue #166

OpenAI beats DotA; drone attack in Venezuela; Anki’s new robot; exoskeletons at Ford factories; robots can manipulate our emotions; and more!