What is H+ Weekly?

H+ Weekly is a free, weekly newsletter with latest news and articles about robotics, AI and transhumanism.

When you subscribe to H+ Weekly you will start receiving every Friday an email with round-up of all what happened last week in AI, robotics, futuristic technologies and transhumanism.

Where did the idea come from?

I’m excited about new technologies and I’m subscribed to many blogs and websites which are talking about robots, AI, transhumanism and technology.

One day I’ve noticed that my Saved-For-Reading-Later-List is getting bigger and bigger. I believe that knowledge should be accessed freely, so I wanted to share the links I’ve found.

I’m subscribed to many weekly newsletters, like Python Weekly. I haven’t found any newsletter service dealing with these topics, so I decided to fill the gap.

And that’s how H+ Weekly was born.

H+ Weekly on the internetz

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My name is Conrad Gray. I’m an entrepreneur and technologist. I’m excited with new technologies and I like to know why and how things work.

If you want to know what I’m up to, check my personal website. You can also follow me on twitterSay hi.